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Audio design and iconic Copenhagen skate culture merge in the Capital ALIS edition aimed at the active skate/ BMX/ running set of the urban metropolis. Released today, this special edition colab comes with signature graphics designed by ALIS and sports the characteristic ALIS logo on the speaker housing.

What started out as a kind of underground culture movement in Copenhagen’s infamous free-town of Christiania, quickly gained momentum and evolved into what you might call ‘The Supreme of Copenhagen’. That is, if you hadn’t yet grasped that ALIS are not really comparable to anything else out there. With an iconic, stylish clothing line, a range of celebrity-endorsed skateboards and a world-famous base in their self-made skate park placed in the heart of Christiania, the ALIS crew are a fairly unique group of people. They epitomize a lot of the things, which make Copenhagen great and we're proud to collaborate with Albert and posse for these special edition headphones.

The Capital ALIS Edition
The headphones aimed at the active urbanite became the natural choice for this particular colab as the overall design and audio engineering of the Capital has been created with three things in mind: great sound, flexibility and durability. We initially aimed the cans at the perpetually active skate/BMX/running set who need headphones that can take a beating in all types of weather. Needless to say, ALIS match that profile to a tee with their renowned skate heritage, which has seen them create sought after decks in collaboration with skateboarding legends like Nicky Guerrero.

Capital ALIS Edition Features:

• New ALIS Edition Logo and graphics

• Reinforced Material: Made out of nylon (PA66) reinforced with fiberglass (GF30) and built to withstand everyday use.

• Foldable: The folding function lets you easily store the headphones.

• Three-button in-line remote: For music control and a microphone for calls and FaceTime.

• Weather Resistant: Tested to withstand rain, snow and hail while delivering clear sound from the protected 40 mm
• Titanium High Performance Drivers: The Capital offers dynamic 40mm closed titanium drivers for clear and accurate sound on all frequencies.

Get the the Capital ALIS Edition in Studio A, the ALIS store and the AIAIAI webstore.