The Best View in The Solar System



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Alex Rivest
Space Tourism

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Shot from the International Space Station, this remarkable time-lapse video of planetary orbit gives you front row seats to the stars as viewed from space.

Thanks to videographer Alex Rivest who felt compelled to create this eye-catching video documenting how the stars look like when viewed from space, we get to see a startling bit of cosmic eye candy.

Using footage from the continuously manned International Space Station, Rivest shows us stars, oceans and cities and it's hard not to be amazed. This neat slice of orbital voyeurism is enough to make you go look up tourist space flights, which would appear to become science fact and not fiction sometime next year. Of course, chances are that they won’t be within our price range within the foreseeable future.

Until they are, we guess we’ll have to make do with videos like these.

If Rivet's choice of soundtrack is a little too 'adult contemporary' for your taste and you could use something that's edgier, we suggest you mute the Vimeo sound and push play on this: