The AIAIAI x Carhartt Colab is Out Now



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Get the AIAIAI x Carhartt TMA-1 in the webstore
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That's right, we've teamed up with the global purveyors of durable, timeless style for a striking re-edit of the TMA-1 and the Pipe earphones. The new colab is out in the stores and on the shelves as of today!

Timelessness and durability; Two words that not only sound satisfyingly zeitgeist-y. They also frame two of the central aims inherent in the efforts of AIAIAI, and the global purveyors of enduring style, the renowned Carhartt WIP.

As both companies have made it a priority to create products fit for the wear and tear of 21st century living, while seeking an aesthetic sustainability, which allows for maneuvering independently of fads, gimmicks and passing trends, we think this is a colab that makes sense on every level.

In fact, if we were to get Shakespearean on you we would call ourselves and Carhartt star-crossed lovers who finally found each other. But thankfully, we're nowhere near that sentimentally and/or pompously inclined. We will thus settle for describing the AIAIAI x Carhartt colab as a meeting of minds where two brands with a similar outlook and philosophy have teamed up for a fresh new take on a selection of our product range.

Moreover, in line with Carhartt WIP's unique, signature brand of modern, durable streetwear, the new headphones and in-earphones have been given a subtly striking overhaul that stays true to the original conceptual framework of the AIAIAI universe but still dares to take the design and colourway in a remarkable new direction.

The Carhartt x AIAIAI TMA-1 and Pipe is available in our webstore, all Carhartt stores + official retailers and in all European Apple stores from today. Happy shopping!