The AIAIAI Guide to Trailerpark 2012



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Trailerpark Festival 2012

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It’s going down and it’s going down hard. 3 days, 3 stages, 59 acts and a horde of party freaks, is the relentless order of the weekend. Moreover, this year we’ve got an AIAIAI stage, so there’s no excuse not to come. Mesdames et messieurs, let us take you by the hand and guide you into the sweet, soul-destroying oblivion that is Trailerpark Festival 2012!

Well, maybe that’s a tad melodramatic. Trailerpark is actually quite the joyful revelry, and not the festival version of Enter the Void. We’re just a little excited to see Jimmy Edgar, Terranova, Gang Colours, et al., which might be the reason that our rhetoric is getting a little too ‘creative’. Truth be told, this festival is a pretty chill little excuse to get tipsy and see some great acts and art in the heart of good, old Vesterbro, the Copenhagen equivalent of Williamsburg, Prenzlauer Berg and other famed areas of urban gentrification.

If you like dudes with short hair and massive beards, girls with dyed seapunk locks dressed in denim complete with a side-order of forward-thinking music then Trailerpark is most definitely your bag. It’s the center of hipstown as James Murphy famously put in and it should actually be quite the rollicking good time too, so you might as well come down and say hi to us at the AIAIAI stage, if nothing else.

This year’s line up doesn’t have the huge, universally crowd-pleasing names that last year’s bill provided, but fear not: there’s enough quality music - not to mention art - to last you well into the winter. And the highlights are more or less essential viewing. Trailerpark 2012 is about discovering new sounds and we’re fairly excited about it, so let’s just get things under way and give you the full low-down. ‘It’s all happening’, as they said in Almost Famous before they touched each other’s faces in questionable ways.


We get off to a decent start with the erratic yet addictive sounds of Danish one-man act, Birthgiving Toad, sounds which he describes as: ‘mind-altering, highly addictive, yet listenable psychoactive”. Furthermore, according to BT, ‘people on the internet’ have deemed it: ‘Fuzzed-up prog metal fusion jazz-funk’. And, as everyone knows, you should always listen to random people on the internet. See you at 5, then.

Christian hjelm is the lead-singer of the unequivocally awesome Danish, alternative rock band Figurines, which we’re huge fans of and this is his first solo project where he’s singing in Danish. To be honest, we haven’t really listened to it all that much, but we’re not going to miss out on a Figurines-affiliated project and that’s that.

Next up we have Leodoris, a Copenhagen-based duo whom we have highlighted before on this very corner of the world wide web. Leodoris, for those of you who don’t know them, are a whimsical, category-defying, electronically-based act consisting of thick-haired, big-bearded Kristian on keys and production duties and Erikka on frail, off-kilter, cosmopolitan diva-vocal duties. They’re quite the entertaining spectacle, so you’d be well-advised not to miss them.

Al Lindrum will be tearing up our very own AIAIAI stage at 21:45 and that should be a nicely jazzed up yet mellow affair complete with hands in the air moments for those of you who like to get rowdy in a beatnik stylee.

You need to go and see Dig og Mig at 23.00 because…well, because of this:

And then it’s time for Jimmy Edgar, Detroit’s finest purveyoer of uninhibited sleaze in the form of tight and tasty electro-funk. We cannot praise this lad enough. He’s one of our must-sees on this year’s bill meaning you can catch us being fan boys with our tongues out at the very front of the stage. Here’s a bit of lushness from his Plus Device alter ego.

At 1.15. Hannah Holland, famous for her distinguished brand of ‘batty bass’, will convert the Rebel stage into a London ‘ting. Get on it (if you’re not already blind drunk at this point).

We don’t know about you but there’s no goddamn way that we’re missing our old friend and product developer Tomas Barfod’s set at the Royal Stage. Tomas is one of those DJs who always delivers. He’s a bit like pizza; even if it’s bad Tomas Barfod it’s still pretty good, if you know what we mean.


First up on Saturday, we have Gang Colours, the long-haired UK garage-loving phenomenon touted by the one and only Laurie Anderson as having ‘amazing production skills’.

And then it’s time for D/R/U/G/S. The one-man, british band, of course…. Hey what kind of operation do you think we’re running here? This is complex, melancholic and at times uplifting house music for people who like to get ever so slowly lost in the rave.

Casiokids are a little known band from Norway who had a monster blogosphere hit a few years back. Everyone always says that Sweden is the land of impeccably produced, edgy pop music, but we would argue that Norway is more than capable of holding their own when it comes to delectable pop. Case in point is this banger, which has got us pretty curious about what Casiokids can actually pull off at the Royal Stage:

Quite a few interesting things going on over at the AIAIAI Stage, if we do say so ourselves. Saturday’s pick falls on Copenhagen club legend MHM-1, a man so steeped in all the best kinds of electronic music that he needs to be seen to be believed.

…And if you end the night with the Detroit-inspired house of local duo 2400 (who’ve taken their name from the Nordvest post code that they live within), you’ll be sure to end the night on a tastefully dystopian high note. It’s time to go dancing with tears in your eyes - no matter how emo that may sound.

Sunday :

Sundays and partying can be treacherous bedfellows. On one hand, you feel like going ‘I’m a big boy/girl who can can drink and go to work the next day’ and on the other Monday hangovers are the worst kind of soul-crippling, existential challenges of our era. We hope for your sake that you don’t have a job, because, well, that would just make Sunday at Trailerpark a helluva lot easier. Let’s take it from the top:

Kala-OK are signed to one of our favorite Danish labels the great, Tambourhinoceros. These polymorphous, intimate lullabies should get your Sunday off to a good start.

In any case, Kala-OK should be equipped with the gentle power to ease you into the uncompromising glitch and stealthy electronica of Thomas Knak AKA Opiate:

Sekuoia is an interesting, Danish up-and coming dude who sounds a bit like Mount Kimbie but then again not really. This is an artist who’s developing a strain of electronic music, which is coming into its own resulting in glimpses of breathtaking talent. One to watch.

Aaaaaaand our final recommendation for this year’s Trailerpark Festival is none other than Kompakt stalwarts Terranova whose tight and discerning techno will be the perfect way to see out the festival and the worst way of preventing a Monday hangover due to the German twosome’s party-starting abilities.

That’s it for this year. Hope your Monday isn’t to anxiety-ridden. But let’s not get into boring practicalities now, because now is the time to seize the day at Trailerpark. See you at the AIAIAI stage!!!