Terje and The Arps

by Rasmus


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Todd Terje's new 'It's the Arps' EP is the bee's knees.

What happens when you pair a Norwegian remix and edit wizard with an ARP 2600 synthesizer? Well, if the artist happens to be Todd Terje, the delightful result is a three track EP on Oslo's finest Smalltown Supersound imprint. After killing it with last year's Ragysh EP (featuring, of course, the irresistible Snooze 4 Love), this release finds Terje exploring even weirder more playful soundscapes.

Despite his roots in the cold North, Terje has an impressive ear for bouncy disco house. On opener Inspector Norse - which just might rival the double punch on Ragysh as his finest work to date - a shamelessly funky 70s disco bass line flirts with bubbly synth waves. It's peak hour like peak hour is supposed to be, as you find yourself bouncing around with your hands flying around somewhere above your head.

The rest of the EP is somewhat more introverted and less of an obvious invitation to lose yourself in the night. Myggsommer is quirky and wobbly while the two part B-side, Swing Star, transitions from Com Truise vibes to full on cosmic bliss. It's safe to say that after a long history of solid edits and remixes, Terje has established himself as a legitimate artist in his own right. With It's The Arps, it looks like his 2012 will be even better than 2011.