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In which Tartelet throw a Xmas rave at Dunkel Bar in Copenhagen.

Hear ye, hear yee! This is the AIAIAI Town Crier here to inform you that Tartelet Records request your presence at their most exquisite Xmas get-together! Sirs Emil Viril and Fredski have employed the city’s most enticing fiddle players, all of whom have sold their souls to the one whose name I dare not speak! Wanton tarts, men of the sea, moors, midgets, ladies of the night and gentlemen of questionable moral character, this is the finest ball in all of Copenhagen! No expense is spared!!

Yes indeed, it’s that time of year again and our friends at Tartelet Records are having another Xmas bash that looks set to be pretty intense. The music will, of course, be great and the atmosphere at Tartelet parties are always second to none. When you sprinkle a bit of Christmas fairy dust on top of this sumptuous cake of a combo, you’re sure to have what everyone wants: rowdy, good vibrations. Or as Tartelet like to put it:’ Celebrate the joy of the season at our annual Christmas get down. Forget your troubles, forgive your enemies and loose yourself.’

It all goes down at Dunkel on the 3rd of December from 8pm, and the line-up is a solid mix of international guests and local heroes:

Andrea Fiorito (Cynosure, Tartelet Rec), IT
Evan Baggs (Robsoul), NYC
Khidja (Poor Relatives), RO

Fredski (Tartelet Rec)
James Braun (Tartelet Rec)
Muff Deep (Tartelet Rec)
Daniel Savi (Tartelet Rec)
Samuel André Madsen (Tartelet Rec)
Matias & Løwenstein (Loco Thursdays)