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It's about that time, time to get down with the T-shirt of the week. This week: That Shit Cray' tee for lovers of crayfish and braggadocio rap.

This tee is so stupid that it does a 180 and becomes smart. And then it becomes stupid again - only to turn around again and become amazing. It takes a very special kind of person to pull this off.

Some people would say that this is also the kind of person who enjoys those novelty hats you can drink beer from and occasionally says:'pull my finger' at social gatherings. And we'll give them this: it's not the most sophisticated garment ever made.

What the 'That Shit Cray' tee has going for it, however, is that it's great for those special occasions where you're blind drunk at a house party and someone puts on Jay Z and Kanye's 'Niggas in Paris' because everyone else is too entoxicated to pretend to like the Xiu Xiu album that was spinning before. When that moment arrives you'll be more popular than Hanson circa 'Mmmbop'! Provided you wear the tee, of course.

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