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Because we dig T-shirts. This week: A great tee featuring Eddie Murphy and Rick James.

We like our WACKY! ZANY! tees here at AIAIAI HQ. In fact, today, our art director, Mix, is wearing som kind of drooling Donald Duck on his chest and I myself seem to be wearing two scantily clad ladies getting it on within a Mickey Mouse shape. How do you like THEM apples?

In the spirit of our T-shirt love we bring you (cue trompets) the weekly T-shirt.

In this week's edition, you get to feat your eyes on the 'Fuck Yo Couch' tee by Amongst Friends. If you've seen the Chappelle Show sketch, you know what the deal is. If you haven't, check it out above. This is a classy tee, featuring classy people doing classy things. Get it here