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by Ulrik


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This June, one of the world’s most exciting underground dance labels go on their first European tour. The marvelously eccentric 100% Silk imprint plan to film the whole thing with a view to creating a documentary that captures their performances and depicts their journey through the European cultural epicentres. What’s more, they need your help to do it.

Amanda Brown, label boss of Not Not Fun and 100% Silk is the L.A.-based queen of spaced out, dubby underground sound. She currently needs a little help to shoot a documentary and judging by this promo, the 100 % Silk film promises to be quite the gripping cultural portrait of the contemporary underground.

The American pacesetter has been keeping awe-inspiringly busy with creating a new musical movement, and her work has paid off in full as labels stars Maria Minerva and Ital have made it onto the covers of the world’s most reputable magazines and made reverberating sonic waves throughout the global blogosphere. Yes indeed, Amanda Brown has been a significant force in reinstating our collective faith in the fact that we do indeed live in exiting times and that anything is possible provided that you’re willing to get off your ass and do something about it.

No wonder, then, that the funding project has already exceeded its goal on Kickstarter clone Indiegogo. It seems as if 100% Silk breeds an intensely loyal fan base who don’t mind coughing up a bit of change to help an exciting label-affiliated project see the light of day. Check out the promo and donate if you can. We're guessing they can always use a little extra.