SubPac – The Next Level in Music Production?



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The SubPac

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Supported by a horde of amazing producers and DJs like Kode9, Flying Lotus, Richie Hawtin and Bok Bok, SubPac is a new production tool that gives you bass in the right place. More specifically, it’s a tactile bass system that transfers low frequencies directly to your body effectively allowing you to experience the physicality of the music without doing damage to your precious ears.

Developed by Toronto-based StudioFeed research and development center, the SubPac could be described as a technological ode to the bass. It prioritizes an often underrated musical element by providing you with a kind of backpack that shoots bass directly into your body.

Or, to be more accurate, this nifty piece of tech lets you: ‘Feel the boom of a kick drum, the warmth of an 808, the organic expression of a bassist and the richness of soundscapes.’ And it: ‘Transports you to a club or festival experience in the comfort of your own studio, home, desk, coffee shop, or wherever you go - anytime, any place.’

What all this means is that producers and regular bass heads alike can now experience pounding, visceral bass that lets them really feel the music in the comforts of their living room without incurring the wrath of disgruntled neighbours or grumpy partners. We can see why this might be popular with righteous bass scientists like Kode9 as it must lend his explorations of low end frequencies a new kind of depth and nuance.

Richie Hawtin, Flying Lotus and Kode9 are on board. Maybe it’s time to give to give the SubPac a try?

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