Studio Emenius

by Hans


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In which Hans hangs out at artist and The Avant Garde Diaries Contributor Andreas Emenius' Studio and does an AIAIAI version of MTV Cribs. Take it away, Hans.

I’ve known Andreas Emenius for a couple of years, and seen a few of his exhibitions, but what I really enjoy, is going to his studio once in a while and to see how things are progressing, and I think progress is a key word when talking about his work. Andreas is pretty handy when it comes to installations and sculptures, and was also asked to curate the danish leg of The Avant Garde Diaries earlier in the year, but for me his paintings and drawings are where it’s at. In these you get the sense of constant exploration, but also a constant reexamination of his own aesthetic.

There’s always a certain line present in his works, a contour that at one moment delineates and defines a space, and at the next moment is augmented and ambiguous or gives itself up in a violent torrent. At the bottom of it all, I think that what I most appreciate is the fact they are not reductivist, or ironic but painterly, and intelligent, rather than clever, and that is, in my humble opinion, something.