'I've attached a couple of lo-res shots, including one of Dan wearing a nice jumper, in case you need them for anything.'

Straight Outta Dublin: Lorem Ipsum

by Ulrik


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This ungooglable Irish act sent us some music with an accompanying promo text. Turns out, it’s really good.

Here’s a little lesson in how to write an introductory text:

‘Having isolated most of the Irish music press by pretending to be, variously, an insane 50-something tape collector living in the mountains, a musical endeavour from a small-town priest interested in communing with God via deep house music, and the twin children of a prominent television host, Dublin-based electronic project Lorem Ipsum had a busy 2011.’

Yup, that's what it said in the email they sent us. Now to be perfectly honest, we’re not completely sure if Lorem Ipsum is one person or if they’re actually a band-type outfit that like to mess with the more susceptible part of the music press. They may just be the kind of people who get their kicks from pulling the legs of gullible journalists, so we’ll refrain from postulating anything too specific about this Dublin-based act. In a somewhat apprehensive fashion, things will remain uncertain. And we’ll move on to the music, which is, in any case, actually quite something.

The Lorem Ipsum sound is deceptively simple; It draws you in with its hook-laden melodies and effervescent samples, but once you’ve given a track like the lo-fi, piano-housey ‘Village Fire/Garda Fight’ a few spins, complex layers of gauzy background distortion begin to reveal themselves - and you start to realise that this is sonic architecture that draws on a wealth of influences, but ultimately creates a tight, contemporary fusion greater than the sum of its references.

There's bits of Tim hecker, sprinklings of post-dubstep-whatever-house, a healthy serving of IDM sensibility, all of it peppered with those subtly addictive hooks that keep you coming back for more Soundcloud action:

What's more, their listed influences on the Lorem Ipsum Facebook reads like a who's who of current, beat-driven, underground music: 'Hessle Audio, R&S, Warp, Stones Throw, Brick Squad, Olde English Spelling Bee, Ghost Box, Tri Angle, Hyperdub, ABBA, gabba, rave.'

Again, this may just be a discerning ploy serving to trick us. But if that's the case, we dare say they succeded. And they certainly know how to get us music nerds worked up through reference dropping.

The logical next step would probably be to contact these merry pranksters, but in this day and age where any sense of mystery surrounding artists is gone because you can follow everyone on Twitter (and consequently know what they're having for lunch and what's wrong with their new sattelite dish), we'll just leave them to it and maintain our belief/illusion that we're dealing with an impish collective of drunken Irishmen on a quest to become the new KLF through savvy media manipulation and great tunes. Happy listening.