Spoek Mathambo Rocking TMA-1 Fool’s Gold at Boiler Room Studio Africa



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Gold is rocked around the neck and on the ears as Johannesburg’s finest treats us to a set full of syncopated gems and low-end delicacies. The crowd may not exactly be going apeshit, but this will in no way deter us from bigging up Spoek’s Boiler Room set.

Three things help make this a memorable Boiler Room: Spoek’s choice of music, Thristian’s African shirt and Afrikan Boy’s entry at the end of the set. It’s enough delightful African vibes to make you want to jazz up your outfit in an African stylee for the foreseeable future.

But enough talk. Let the main man Spoek Mathambo take you on a tour of afrofuturist action for the next 30 minutes or so.