Spleen United's 24-Hour Gig at Roskilde 2012



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Spleen United
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If you didn’t already know, Kasper, our graphic designer and perpetually smiley-faced acid house aficionado, is also in a band called Spleen United. At this year’s Roskilde Festival they took it upon themselves to back up their track ‘From Sunset to Sunset’ with literal action, effectively meaning that they played for 24 hours from 10 ‘o clock pm to 10’o clock pm. Here’s a video that documents how the whole thing went down.

Warning: this clip may very likely contain tired, ageing rockstar faces. There’s no doubt that doing something like this will inevitably ‘tear seven shades of shit out of you’ as Erol Alkan remarked in the documentary ‘Part of the Weekend never Dies’ that portrayed the touring life of Belgian phenomenon, Soulwax.

And Kasper did tell us that going to a filthy Roskilde port-a-loo at 7 in the morning (the other guys held the fort while he was gone) while being so tired that he could hardly see was something he’d rather not experience again.

Nevertheless, Kasper, Bjarke, Janus and Rune pulled through and delivered a majestic show that somehow morphed into a moving piece of performance art. You often get the impression that musicians are work-shy wasters with little or no discipline, but it’s safe to that this particular stereotype was turned completely on its head.

From Sunset to Sunset was as much a show of strength as it was a concert the end result of which was strangely tribal, timeless and life-affirming.

Check out the video and catch a whiff of the action.