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Spleen United

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Kasper's band is touring Germany at the moment. Do we really need to state the obvious? Go see the boys tear it up at venue near you!

The Spleen United tour of Germany can be summarized thusly: ACID, ACID and more ACID with a dash of electro, a smidge of indie and quite a lot of stage presence. I know we're expected to speak in flattering terms about Kasper's band with him being our graphic designer and all, but you must trust us when we say that Spleen United are a live band to be reckoned with.

Last year we had the pleasure of seeing them play Berghain, and that resulted in us getting so carried away with the whole rockstar lifestyle that we ended up with a soul-annihilating hangover lasting well into Thursday. This is in all likelihood what will happen when you see the boys from Spleen United play at your local German venue.

But fear not, because it is entirely worth the hedonistic indulgence. People of Germany, we urge you to let Bjarke, Kasper, Janus and Rune take you in a firm, musical half-Nelson and wrestle your reservations and inhibitions to the ground with their spectacularly on-point live extravaganza.

Spleen United Tour of Germany 2013:

In German: Spleen United kommen live auf Tour nach Deutschland!

16.01.13 Studio 672, Cologne
18.01.13 Nachtleben, Frankfurt
19.01.13 Glashaus, Bayreuth
22.01.13 Hafenkneipe, Zurich
23.01.13 Rote Sonne, Munich
24.01.13 Berghain Kantine, Berlin
25.01.13 Volksbad, Flensburg
26.01.13 Uebel & Gefährlich (Turmzimmer), Hamburg