Soundtrip by Soundvenue Featuring Tomas Barfod



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Tomas Barfod

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Tomas barfod, the versatile creative and intrepid AIAIAI product developer, found the time to participate in this rather interesting project that gave him a challenge: make a track in 24 hours, using a car and a modest selection of gear, which (not so coincidentally) happened to include the TMA-1 Studio.

The sympathetic aim of the Soundtrip is to take the producer out of the studio and give you a rare insight into the creative process of a world-class electronic musician.

Not surprisingly Tomas has a few aces up his sleeve in the form of various collaborators such as rising Danish producer, Sekuioa + his dad and brother who just so happen to be musicians too.

Knowing Tomas we have a feeling that this challenge, which we guess you could a small-scale, sound-ified version of Lars von Trier’s The Five Obstructions, won’t pose a significant threat to his creativity.

Quite the contrary. It’ll probably just serve to envigorate that singular talent of his, and we can’t help being a little excited about hearing the final result. Check 1:41 for that TMA-1 Studio money-shot.