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"I never really planned this music career, I thought it was impossible..." says Parisian producer, Arnaud Bernard at his Soundcheck. With his unique take on hip-hop, which first ignited his interest in music as a record-collecting ten-year-old, and his ear for unusual samples, Onra has become one of the world’s most sought-after producers. Now signed to Fools Gold Records and after six studio albums, including the game-changing ‘Chinoiseries’ which was crafted from samples of Chinese and Vietnamese records he had discovered whilst travelling, Onra talks Marvin Gaye, playing Budapest, combined with footage from his sell-out second time in Australia.

With friendly support from AIAIAI Australia, The Operatives are proud to present a new video series, which takes an intimate look at some of the world’s finest electronic producers as they tour Australia. Combining in-depth interviews and footage of the gigs, the exclusive clips offer a backstage pass into a musician’s world, full of sound, worldwide tours and that quality that drives them to make music in the first place.

First up of is man of the moment, Onra who gives us a bit of insight into why he does things the way he does. Check it out.