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Matthew Plummer Fernandez

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By plotting the volume of sound waves on a frequency time graph, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, turned sound into a physical, 3D chair. After creating and testing 719 different sounds and transforming them into shapes, Plummer-Fernandez achieved his final design. He says, “The aesthetic of sound waves becomes the aesthetic of the chair. The result is a product with dual existence as both a ‘sound’ and a ‘chair’.”

A chair with the shape of sound. This is no regular chair though; the alluring nerve in this piece of design is the way it's devised and crafted.

The sounds are made precisely with the purpose of creating the shape of a chair when visualized in a 3d-program. This is then turned into physical form using water-jet cut polyethylene foam. In this way, the prototype chair is an exact visual copy of the recorded soundwave graph.

I’d love to place this purple trophy at the office. Because of its devised sculptural aesthetics and because I think it's a new futuristic, intelligent, experimental and off-kilter approach to designing products.