Silverback Lamp from KiBiSi



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KiBiSi does it again with a dazzling lamp and a brilliant name.

Our friends over at KiBiSi sure are keeping busy. The Copenhagen-based design firm seem to be releasing quite a lot of imaginative yet strikingly simple products that speak to both hardened design connoisseurs and mainstream consumers at the moment, which is why keeping up with their affairs on the Kibisi blog is a very good idea. You wouldn’t want to miss out.

What makes the Silverback lamp such an enticing proposition is an eye-catching yet unassuming design that really comes into its own when you provide it with a context. Whether that context is a wooden floor, a sauna or something else entirely is down to you. The possibilities are endless with an aesthetic that accommodates almost any interior surface you can think of.

Have a look at the introductory video and see what you think. It’s certainly got us going gorilla.