'Shut Up And Play The Hits' Documentary Captures LCD Soundsystem's Last Stand



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Shut Up And Play The Hits

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One of the most influential bands of its generation went out with a bang last April. 'Shut Up And Play The Hits' documents all the joy, sweat and tears that went into executing the band's final, spectacular show.

Whether or not you like LCD Soundsystem or James Murphy, you can't really deny the crucial importance of DFA and that label's music nerdy boss when it comes to the overall aesthetic and sound of the 00s. If there actually was an indentifiable hipster movement in the past decade, we would argue that DFA represented the good part of said movement. There's nothing inherently 'snarky' or 'vacuous' about being extremely knowledgable about obscure punk or house music - and James Murphy just seemed like the kind of guy that you could happily sit around and discuss Captain Beefheart B-sides with for hours on end. LCD Soundsystem came off like a down-to-earth project from beginning to end while still keeping that all-important X-factor intact.

'Shut Up And Play The Hits' takes a look at how the band went out on a high note at their final show at Madison Square garden. The concert that apparently had all the reviewers in tears and left the participants screaming for more LCD Soundsystem. This trailer does look a wee bit melodramatic and overblown, but that's most likely because they're hoping to bring LCD Soundsystem to the wider public - and ultimately sell more tickets.

But despite the minor flaws, we can't deny that we're gleefully looking forward to 'Shut Up and Play The Hits'. The documentation of an indie institution that had a such huge impact on music, should be well worth everyone's time.