Short Documentary on The Animated GIF



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PBS off Book

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PBS Off Book pulls off a cool, little documentary on the animated GIF.

You could argue that a documentary on the internet phenomenon known as the GIF seems a bit excessive. I guess we’ve all snort-laughed at GIFs featuring Ray Ban-rocking LOLcats beheading a leotard-wearing Jean-Claude Van Damme and whatnot, but maybe these internet-born, perpetually moving images don’t lend themselves that well to serious documentation. Or so we thought.

‘Animated GIFs: The Birth of A Medium’ from PBS off Book does pretty well in pulling off a cool, little documentary that makes you think about the GIF in a wider cultural context and also finds the time to investigate the inherent weirdness and eccentricity that some of us find disarmingly charming and - after having viewed this feature - perhaps even artful and progressive, to a certain extent.

Let the GIF times roll.