Scoop by KiBiSi

by Ulrik


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The latest creation by our friends from KiBiSi is a range of contract market furniture designed to last. As always, KiBiSi’s creative process has been mindful of what Lars calls ‘aesthetic sustainability’ meaning that Scoop is produced to be a credible design choice when your great grandchildren make their first furniture purchase.

Moreover, Scoop is made for the ‘overlap between private spaces and public areas.’ For those of you, who have studied Media & Communications or Sociology this might make you think of good old Jürgen Habermas and his incessant focus on the private and public spheres. But, to our knowledge, Jens-Martin, Lars and the rest of the KiBiSi team are more concerned with the tangible practicalities of making great, functional furniture than with paying creative homage to a German sociologist.

Still, the KiBiSi concept remains as ambitious as ever. The name relates to the loader-inspired scoop construction and, as Lars puts it:’ Scoop is the logic output of a clear idea: The character of the series lies in the straight-forward appearance – a kind of ideogram of how it works. A design identity based on high quality manufacturing and the unique feeling in use makes Scoop a classic example of aesthetic sustainability - designed to last for generations

The Scoop family is comprised of a conference chair, a lounge chair, a table and a bar stool in the making. This is a merger of craft and technology where the technical edge increases comfort, yet maintains a clear and simple Scandinavian appearance.

For more info on KiBiSi’s Scoop range for Globe Zero 4, check out: