Scientology's Warped House Band Once Made a Record Called 'Power of Source'

by Jeroen


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The Apollo Stars

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Every once in a while you stumble upon a true gem of music history, whether through ground-breaking production, an immaculate voice or the most bizarre background story. The Apollo Stars and their EP 'Power of Source' fit right into that last category.

The EP 'Power of Source' was released in 1974 by L. Ron Hubbard. If the name sounds strangely familiar it is not because of any of his other releases or history in music, but rather because of the Church of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of the Church, which is notoriously known all over the world for being at the very least a highly questionable church, or a down right cult or sect. We'll leave that discussion in the middle for now.

Upon their quest for world dominance the Scientology acquired a fleet of ships, one of them named the 'Apollo'. Upon this ship a music group was founded, titled The Apollo Stars, made up entirely from shipbound members of the Apollo. Amongst them average musicians and not-so-average musicians, all under the musical supervision of L. Ron Hubbard himself. The band was created in order to promote the Scientology Church and they were offering free concerts on the piers of whichever city they would dock. Scientology propaganda.

Using a movie theater in Portugal as their recording studio, the Scientology had spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain the very best recording equipment. Meanwhile Hubbard without having any prior knowledge of recording was sat behind the recording equipment to make sure that the music payed momentous honor to the Scientology and his vision. The music itself is a bizarre mix of free jazz, with a sort of garage punk attitude. It's mesmerizing and intriguing, because there is simply nothing else out there that comes close to the Apollo Stars. In case your curiosity has been triggered, this is a nice read with more details and background information on this true gem of music history: