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Tartelet's main geezer sheds a knowing light on the weekend in Berlin. If you like clubbing and you're in Berlin from Thursday - Sunday, this is the one blog post you must read right this minute. Take it away, Emil.

Snow, ice and cool winds from the heart of Siberia has turned the city of Berlin into something out of a Christmas fairytale. Luckily the upcoming weekend is big and beautiful in all the right places. Starting Thursday with two proper Berlin get downs, namely “Box Aus Holz” label night at Freudenzimmer & Kim Brown record release party at Farbfernseher.


Box Aus Holz Label Nacht

Our friends from BAH throw a cool little party celebrating their 5th release. The line-up looks promising and I’m definitely dropping by.


Hauke Freer
(Session Victim/Retreat/Delusions of Grandeur)
Labuzinski & Graef
(Box aus Holz/Melbourne Deepcast, Tartelet)
The Ivory Boy
(Box aus Holz/No More Hits)
Tom Lally
(Melbourne Deepcast)
(Oye Records)

Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/424623267593280/

Kim Brown record release

My tall handsome friends Julian & Ji-Hun aka Kim Brown celebrate the release of their new record Thursday night at Farbfernseher. Farbfernseher is a romantic little club on Skalitzer strasse, one of my favourite hang outs and a great place to hook up.. Knowing the two conquistadors, I’m sure this night will have a heavy Lady and The Vagabond vibe.


Kim Brown
(Just Another Beat, Rimini)

Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/560667803949067/


Take 1

Friday is time for the first edition of “take 1” at Loftus Hall, an initiative by madman Hugo from the Portuguese jungle. The line up is ambitious and the drinks cheap!


Arttu aka Lump[Live] (Philpot)
Daniel Brandt (K7!, The Gym)
Jan Brauer (K7!, The Gym)
Paul frick (K7!, The Gym)
Charlie Smooth (Get Deep, KR Family)
Muff Deep (Tartelet)
H30H (30porumalinha)
Big Peter (30porumalinha)

Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/132034836951477/

The Big Boman Show

My favorite Swedish maracas player, Axel Boman aka Acid Woman, takes over Horst Friday night alongside Massimiliano Pagliara and a few other people with unpronounceable names. Axel is the biggest Swedish export since ABBA and Astrid Lingren and is known for his exotic DJ performances. Not to be missed!!


Axel Boman
(Pampa, Studio Barnhus, Tartelet)
Massimiliano Pagliara
(Robert Johnson)
Paramida & Katovl Menovsky

Event: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?429860


Tartelet &The Gym Label Nacht – Uffe EP release party

Saturday we have our monthly label night at Farbfernseher, honouring the release of Uffe’s “Stræss” EP. These nights are usually packed to the brim and our last party was closed by Berlin’s finest because it went out of hand (first time in Farbfernseher history). Hopefully this time will be no different.


(Tartelet, Pets Recordings)
Muff Deep (Tartelet, The Gym)
Daniel Brandt (Tartelet, The Gym)
Jan Brauer (Tartelet, The Gym)
Paul Frick (Tartelet, The Gym)

Tartelet Records

8 years of Panorama & Berghain, Saturday/Sunday

The Mekka of techno & leather chaps, Berghain, throw their 8th anniversary on Saturday/Sunday and the line-up is killer. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tama Sumo, Blawan, Levon Vincent, Planetary Assault System ++ What else do you need? Maybe a gift certificate for 4 week rehabilitation program starting January 1st..

Gary Beck
Ron Albrecht
Levon Vincent
Planetary Assault Systems (live)

Panorama Bar
Red D
San Soda
Recondite (live)
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Paul Woolford

Evan Baggs
Tama Sumo & Lakuti b2b