Rustie turns up the Heat

by Rasmus


Music , Parties , TMA-1


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Boiler Room

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At’s takeover of the outstanding Boiler Room show, Rustie played an equally outstanding if not full-on momentous set. And the TMA-1 was all up in the Boiler Room!

If you are anything like me, you are still trying to recover from the 80's and 8-bit onslaught that is Rustie's most recent effort, 'Glass Swords.' Of course, the album's brilliance did not go under the Boiler Room crew's radar, and the British clubstreamers recently invited Mr. Whyte to their underground headquarters as part of a takeover. Along with Ikonika, Funkineven, and Patten, the Scot brought a refreshing playfulness to the otherwise house and techno-heavy sets.

Participating in the Boiler Room's musical voyeurism from the comfort of your office chair is still a strange experience. That Rustie chooses to blend the best of 'Glass Swords' with gritty hip-hop, cartoonish synth pieces and triumphant r'n'b makes it no less strange. The sneak peek at the absolutely mind-blowing Hudson Mohawke and Lunice collaboration helps, too.

The whole thing is now up for streaming on the Boiler Room site where you can enjoy Whyte's impeccable fashion sense and observe how the casual coolness of the crowd slowly fades as Rustie carefully places one musical punch after another.

Look at and listen to the whole thing here and check out how Rustie, Ikonika and Funkineven put their TMA-1 to most excellent use.