Rustie lays down the Rules

by Rasmus




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The Glaswegian beat corrupter's new album on Warp really is very good indeed.

You might have heard the rumors: Rustie's new album is absolutely fabulous. The Warp signee - and TMA-1 tester Hudson Mohawke's label-mate - has created a strange blend of 8-bit, video games, pounding electro and triumphant synth escapades, all crammed together behind what just might be the strangest (and probably most suggestive) cover you'll see this year. Broken glass, however, is a fairly accurate description of the 'Glass Swords' listening experience: Everything builds up neatly, but just when you think you knew where Rustie was going, everything is shattered to splinters.

It's bombastic, it's over the top, and you will, I guarantee you, stop at least once and ask yourself whether he's actually being serious. After a few more listens, though, those fears fade. By then, all there's left is a rock solid album and that strange itch in your feet, suggesting that your office chair is not the best place to enjoy music like this.

To whet your appetite, give 'Hover Traps' a spin above. Yes, it does sound an awful lot like the theme from a 90s tv show. That is, if said show was recorded in some galaxy far away with an unlimited supply of disco biscuits. I dare you to find anything that matches this track's shameless combination of squeaky vocals, massive synthesizers and irresistible catchiness. Tracks from 'Glass Swords' do not count.