Running Water Through a Sine Wave



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- is not the title of ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist john Frusciante’s latest solo album. It’s actually a sound experiment that makes water flow in awe-inducing shapes and patterns. Click play on the video and prepare to be delighted.

Here’s how it works: Brusspup’s installation is comprised of a water hose that’s attached to a speaker with 1 or 2 inches hanging down, which causes the speaker to produce sound that then vibrates the hose. Moreover, there’s an audio cable attached from the computer to the speaker and the sound software is adjusted to 24 hz.

When he turns on the music and the water, the result he sees through his camera is water running down in the shape of mesmerizing stairs and spirals. Interestingly, you get different results if you set the frequency to 23 or 25hz.

The brilliance in Brusspup’s experiment lies in its simplicity. We all intuitively know that the force of sound can affect objects, but it makes you go all wide-eyed and 10-years-old when we get the immediate impression of seeing what sound looks like. It’s sort of like getting a rare peek behind the curtain of mother nature’s enigmatic array of imperceptible tricks.

Also, it just looks really cool.