Robert Henke's "Lumiere" at Unsound


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Visiting this years Unsound Festival gave us a cornucopia of live acts, DJ sets and impressions. However, one thing really stood out visually with a deserved standing ovation in the Kino Kijów.

Last year's visual Sunday treat was the performance installation "ATOM" by Robert Henke & Christopher Bauder - a matrix of 64 helium ballons in a complex 1:1 movement with the sound. This year Robert Henke (aka Monolake) chose to premiere his newest project "Lumiere" at this "no photo & video" edition of Unsound - a very successful dogma which gave the concert an intimacy you didn't know was gone.

"Lumiere" is an audiovisual Laser show without smoke (!) displaying its genius approach to visuals, design and light by playing with the echo your eyes produced from fast light movement.

Starting with structured electronica with simple lines and squares and then raising the bar with techno and complex 3 dimensional shapes breaking the screen's restrictions of the cinema.

As described by Robert Henke himself: "Three powerful white lasers draw ephemeral objects, seemingly floating on a screen, in an improvised dialog with rhythmical sounds. Shapes create sonic events and vice versa. Lumière is an exploration of syncronicity and divergence, of light and darkness, slow movements and sudden bursts of motion and noise." Ending the show with the powerful lasers displaying a small fine circular shape on a piece of dimmed plastic right beside him on the table really showed his sense of visual brilliance.

And the geeky part of the performance: