Review: Jimmy Edgar @ Trailerpark Festival

by Ulrik


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Jimmy Edgar
Trailerpark Festival 2012

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The lean king of sleazed-up techno, Detroit’s favorite new son of the motor city beat, gave it hard and fast to the Royal Stage at the opening night of Trailerpark.

It wasn’t because you had to push and wade through a multitude of giddy fans prior to Jimmy Edgar’s set at the Royal stage. However, once the thin, dark-clad lord of sexed up electro-techno set things in motion there was a certain push in his general direction as the crowd grew denser. Edgar had clearly decided to eschew a convential DJ build up in favour of hard, fast and pounding techno, which proved quite a potent cocktail.

Jimmy Edgar @ Trailerpark

Jimmy Edgar @ Trailerpark

The combination of his choice of BPM and the Royal Stage’s lack of crowd control measures – such as bars that could prevent entoxicated riff raff from bum-rushing the stage – left him wide open to a couple of animated, very drunk, half-naked ladies who made the talented DJ/Producer pose with them for party photos - and consequently some of us less than wasted on-lookers cringe a little.

But Edgar didn’t seemed too phased by his status as sitting duck. If anything his set grew in atmosphere and intensity and when Gesaffelstein’s ‘Control Movement was dropped at exactly the right time, things got in full swing to the point where the Detroit native could no longer manage without security measures. They were promptly put in place leaving Edgar to focus on the music and whipping us all into a dark machine music frenzy.

Well played, Mr. Edgar.