Review: Dave Aju and the invisible art trio // Look Out Above


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Marc Barrite is an American artist also known as Dave Aju, (in France would that be Déjà Vu?), whose mission in life is nothing less than to ‘rescue dance music from the blahs’ this may perhaps offer an explanation as to why he recorded his first album entirely from sounds made from his own mouth.

For some time now Dave Aju has been part of the French label Circus Company, home to Nicolas Jaar, Ark and dOP. Yet he still indulges himself with some indiscretions on smaller labels. For his EP Look Out Above we see an unexpected collaboration with the lessor known blog/record label Nuearth Kitchen.

If there’s one thing Dave Aju breaks away from in life, it’s convention. He takes malicious pleasure in the mistreatment of norms and goes out of his way to break the rules in order to create unimagined bridges between genres. In interviews Marc frequently mentions the musical melting pot in which he grew-up in, made up of every imaginable style. Over the years, Marc transformed this eclectic background into music, having soaked up surrounding sounds much like a sponge. In this EP we get a hint of his upbringing that featured Miles Davis trumpet solos, the warmth of Mo’Town, the spirituality of Hip-Hop loops, not forgetting a thin slice of Latino-Jazz which finally distilled a unique soulful and jazzy House style.

Aju teamed up with the mysterious Invisible Art Trio (with whom he released the EP Love Always) to produce Look Out Above. This EP demonstrates a competent blending of influences, with jazz elevated to the forefront. During the EP Aju and his trio flirt with complex chords, luxurious instrumentals, and some other dissonant extravagances. The result is a wonderful House cocktail blended with smooth analogue sounds and a sprinkle of 80’s Fusion. Dave Aju’s magic potion will intoxicate the hard to please listener as well as DJs looking to surprise their audience.

Dip into this unique sound here: