Renaissance Man Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room



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Renaissance Man
Boiler Room

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Sometimes a Boiler Room set comes along and reminds you why you fell in love with house music in the first place. Without wanting to sound too gushy or melodramatic: this is one of those times.

Renaissance Man are a duo based in Helsinki and Berlin who claim to make:’ critical house and post-tropical techno.’ Whatever you want to call it, they’re responsible for some of the most interesting and forward-thinking electronic music out there in the world right now (remember this?).

And, despite the intimidating prospect of a half-empty dance floor, the boys quickly get in to the swing of things and deliver a stripped-down exploration of bass, drums, clicks and just plain badass dance music.

It’s classic yet modern, subtle yet heavy, dark yet uplifting, mutating yet intermittently indebted to the timeless spirit of Chicago and Detroit. What’s more, they even have a live vocalist drop by to jazz things up a bit.

Weekend people, this is your fix.