Red Bull Opens New Copenhagen Recording Studio



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Red Bull Denmark

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Red Bull just opened an impressive new studio right here in Copenhagen. Designed and built with the aim of giving local talent a forum for recording and producing music, the latest initiative from the Red Bull camp looks characteristically on-point and painstakingly realized.

Red Bull recently decided that Copenhagen was to be the next target in their ongoing recording studio expansion, which has previously graced a number of interesting - and completely dissimilar - cities such as LA, Auckland, Cape Town, Madrid, Amsterdam and London. And It looks like they pulled out all the stops for the Copenhagen studio.

We have to say that the combination of state of the art technology and spacious, intelligent design has turned this particular recording space into an up-and-coming musician’s wet dream.

But that was probably to be expected from Red Bull who are not exactly known for half-measures when it comes to supporting forward-thinking music.

We’ll definitely be monitoring the output of the Red Bull Copenhagen studio quite closely in the coming months.