Record Store Day in Studio A this Saturday



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Record Store Day

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Record Store Day is a day that celebrates the world’s physical record stores. This year we’re joining in the festivities and inviting a line up of local and international DJs and artists to play in Studio A. We’re also launching our new vinyl concept that offers a painstakingly curated selection of records, handpicked from the world’s leading vinyl distributors. Drop by Studio A on the 19th of April, have a Red Stripe or three and check out performances and DJ sets by Justin Miller, Disco Dick, Tyson Ballard and AIAIAI’s very own Ahle & Messi.

As you might have noticed, AIAIAI is a company that’s passionate about music and the culture that surrounds it. Most of what we do revolves around music and sound, from our product development to experimental branding projects like the Sound Taxi . And, as our flagship store’s vinyl selection indicates, we’ve also maintained and ongoing love affair with the physical, tangible side of music. It’s not that we’re reactionary old farts with no appreciation of the positive aspects of digitalization; we just believe that the record store is still a very necessary, often underrated interface between music buyers and music providers and that physical media like vinyl are worth highlighting in light of digital dominance.

Hence, the option of participating in a worldwide event that celebrates the physical record store almost feels like a call to action, which is why we’re beefing up Studio A with a more focused selection of new house, techno, electro, disco, indie and afro-beat vinyl, and launching the new concept in our flagship store where a line-up of local and international DJs will provide the soundtrack to your afternoon spent crate-digging and shooting the breeze with like-minded enthusiasts. It all starts at 2pm in our flagship store.

Line-up in Studio A (2pm – 6Pm)

Justin Miller

Justin Miller is a DJ’s DJ. The New York-based former assistant manager (and sole employee) of DFA Records and current head of Have a Killer Time Recordings is the sort of selector that makes it all seem so effortless - while spinning the kind of classy, on-point disco and house that makes dance floors move and discerning asses shake. We honestly can’t wait to see what our friend has planned for Record Store Day.

Disco Dick

On the leading edge of the Copenhagen disco movement, you will find Christian D’or AKA Disco Dick, a man whose name, debonair tastes and impossibly tiny hotpants precede him. Sporting one of the sickest record collections in the tiny but passionate kingdom of Denmark, Disco Dick is coming to Studio A and will, by all accounts, not relent until you submit to his disco-tastic disposition.


Stockholm’s respected dance music entrepreneur Tooli has over the course of the last seven years been promoting, arranging and playing at parties all over Sweden. You may know him as the founder of seminal music blog/label 24:hours and head of the Local Talk label. We know him as an accomplished DJ who brings the heat in that subtly awesome Swedish way that intermittently has us Danes going green with (closeted) envy.

Dunkel Radio

If you read our blog, you already know this gang of intimidatingly knowledgeable guys and gals on a mission to further the gospel of house, techno and electro through parties, DJing, writing and generally being awesome.

Line-up Bakken:

After the last beverages, kindly provided by our friends and Red Bull and Red Stripe, has been downed, our Record Store Day celebrations continue at Bakken where we've hooked up with our friends from Good Times, and invited some of our favorite DJs, for a night to remember. Come get your Meatpacking District freak on to:

Justin Miller


Ahle & Messi

Christian Ahlefeldt and Philip Messmann aka. Ahle & Messi would probably describe themselves as music nerds.
The shared love for non-mainstream music was the reason why they joined forces in 2013 and started DJing together. This love for quirky sounding, but still danceable tunes, has lead them to gigs at various places and for clients in the Copenhagen nightlife. Furthermore they are hosting a monthly gig at Bakken called Good Times where they invite DJs who share the same passion for music.

Tyson Ballard

This Berlin-based Australian with a musical past steeped in hip hop and techno has a present in Chicago-influenced house and a future in what will undoubtedly be raw, Record Store Day business. We have a feeling that the boss of Voyeurythm Records has a few aces up his sleeve that will throw the perpetually amped up crowd at Bakken into an all-out, Meatpacking frenzy.

Bonus info: we will be selling Disco Dick's collaboration with Vinnie Who, the very limited edition Record Store Day release, 'Bisjoux' during the event in Studio A. First come, first served!

See you all on Record Store Day!