Re: Sound Bottle


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Jun Fujiwara

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One of the coolest object I’ve seen in 2013 so far is this. Re: Sound Bottle is an automatic remixing object that can record all given sounds and then automatically remix them into a music beat. Just pull the cork off the bottle, make or find some sounds to record, and this magical little bottle turns it into music!

Though the bottle is simple to use, the technical insides of the design is insanely complex and relies heavily on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of audio tracks and the model is still a prototype.

The creater, Jun Fujiwara from Tama Art University comments: ”I felt something missing in the habitual use of music reproduction media, so I thought to create an interactive music medium that changes. By using everyday voices as sources of music, the sounds that are heard all the time every day carry infinite possibilities and help us reaffirm the enjoyment of music. I hope people can experience their own music.”

With this seriously rad device I do believe we can!