Quantum Stealth: Has Canada Invented a Real, Functioning Invisibility Cloak?


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Quantum Stealth! The name sounds like a 007 weapon made by Q. This device is a piece of cloth reminding us of the magical invisibility cloak Harry Potter uses to visually disappear when he hides behind it. It's a garment that renders whatever it covers invisible. In this context Q’s name is Cramer and owner of the Canadian company called Hyperstealth. He claims to have developed this magical camouflage material that works “by bending light waves around the target.”

Hyperstealth has big in the camouflage business in ten years, designing products for military purpose. The company demonstrated a similar product back in 2010 called SmartCamo, but the video demonstration was removed from the web under the orders of the US military. One could imagine that Quantum Stealth is the sequel of SmartCamo.

Cramer explains that “for security issues we can not show the actual technology” and says that both the US and Canadian military have seen Quantum Stealth in action, and that they’ve also confirmed that the material obscures the target from infrared, or so called thermal imaging. In this video Cramer is announcing Quantum Stealth on CNN.

What he can tell us is that it works by bending light around the target using nanotechnology and metamaterials. If Cramer isn’t bullshitting us, Quantum Stealth completely redefines the state of the art and soon men will be able to sneak in the ladies room while the US army will be more terrifying than ever...