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The durable, foldable headphones aimed at the on-the-go urbanite are out now.

The latest AIAIAI headphones were inspired by a simple yet resonant idea: to make headphones for the bustling inhabitants of the world’s major cities. This brought about an extensive research and development process taking into account the inherent complexity of contemporary urbanite living.

As usual, our friends over at KiBiSi were more than capable of rising to the challenge of the design brief. Using their comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the modern city by way of KiBiSi’s architectural icon Bjarke Ingels, the design trio initiated their creative process resulting in a lengthy period of R&D and finally the carefully considered product that is Capital: A durable, foldable and flexible pair of headphones, that seeks to provide the on-the-go urbanite with the opportunity to listen to his or her preferred sounds in any kinds of weather at all times, while wearing a design that’s effortlessly iconic, thoroughly realized and comfortable. Made out of reinforced fiberglass with a lightweight rubber-brace, this is a headphone built to withstand heavy everyday use in urban environments.

Moreover, the design was realized through a utilitarian approach; the sliding feature is inspired by the bindings on snowboarding boots, the cushions are made from a type of stretchable foam also found in modern car seats and the headband is made of a lightweight rubber predominantly used on bike handles. In other words, we’ve selected and implemented a diverse mix of tried and tested materials to ensure that Capital delivers on all fronts.

So If you happen to be the type of person who lives in the city, who’s frequently on the move and considers headphones an essential part of your wardrobe when out and about, Capital should service your every headphone-related need. Our new headphones were in actual fact created for you.

• tested to withstand rain, snow and dirt while delivering clear and crisp sound from the protected 40mm driver.
• Lightweight rubber brace for listening comfort and secure fit
• Inline 3-button microphone for play/pause/scrolling and answering calls
• Weather proof - Rain & Snow resistant IEC529 Standard - IP-4

With capital we’ve attempted to enhance your city-based listening experience - to create a listening tool for the modern city-dweller. We sincerely hope you’ll take the new AIAIAI headphones out for a spin, a run, a jog, a skate-session, a bike-ride, or whatever your preferred method of getting around town happens to be.

KiBiSi's Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen on designing Capital

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