Porcelain Decks by Man Yau

by Ulrik


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Helsinki-based ceramics artist and all-around super cool chick Mandy Yau AKA Man Yau created these skateable (albeit fragile) decks made entirely out of porcelain. Check out the short film after the jump for some pretty remarkable porcelain skate action.

Kids these days. A good old wooden deck like the one the Bones Brigade would shred the pools, ramps and parks with is seemingly not enough for them. It has to be new, weird and unlikely… And thank god for that, because this is actually one of the most original and on-point design ideas we’ve seen executed in a while.

Utilizing the skills that she’s currently gaining at the prestigious Aalto School of Art, Design & Architecture, Mandy has just put on an exhibition entitled ‘Porcelain decks’, which takes over CaliHelsinki, the streetwear concept store for two weeks in 23.8.-8.9.2012. The exhibition consists of 12 different decks made out of porcelain that are illustrated with various ceramic techniques.

According to Mandy, a designer with strong ties to Helsinki’s skate & streetwear culture: ‘The show has grown out of a passion for skateboard culture and design. Tomi Freeman, the head designer of CTRL Clothing has illustrated three of the porcelain decks and the space of CaliHelsinki brings an authentic atmosphere to the show where viewers can compare the life-size porcelain decks to the wooden originals. Each of the decks is handmade and unique.’

What this all mean is that you should go check out these one-of-a-kind, skateable porcelain decks if you happen to be in Helsinki. If not, check out the above short film a couple of extra times...