Playing ‘Teardrop’ on Fruits and Vegetables



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More mindblowing stuff from the world of experimental sound design. j.viewz has made it his mission to play one of Massive Attack’s most enduring hits on an aubergine, some strawberries and a carrot. A mission that he succeeds in completing with flying, fruity colours.

j.viewz is a man who digs vegetables and fruits. Hell, his knitted hat even resembles a gherkin a little bit. And now he’s taken his organic infatuation to the next level to decidedly astonishing, sound-exploring results.

Here’s how it works: Electricity is translated into keyboard signals, which is then converted into MIDI signals and, using the principles of circuit completion, the New York-based musician has hooked up fruits and veg that correspond to various samples on his synthesizer. By touching the fruits and vegetables and completing the circuit he can then play them as instruments.

When we first heard of this experiment, we expected it to sound quaintly sketchy and rough around the edges. But the thing is that j-viewz version of ‘Teardrop’ borders on amazing. It sounds like a glitchy, intense Squarepusher remix of Massive Attack’s mood-altering original.

We don’t think we’ll ever look at an aubergine in the same way again.