Piquant Porcelain from CTRLZAK Studio

by Ulrik


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Inspired by the differences and similarities between Chinese and European porcelain craft, CTRLZAK Studio have created these eye-cathing hybrid pieces for Seletti.

Highlighting the mixing of aesthetics between Eastern and Western production, this is far from your average porcelain. This particular selection might seem a tad out of place at granny’s coffee table, but we have a feeling it would help create just the right atmosphere when the organic afternoon tea is served in East Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg.

Some of us just came home from Berlin, city of all that is forward-thinking and ahead of the game, and we did scope quite a bit of colour and exotic pattern on the streets and in certain shops (BLESS, we're looking in your direction).

These extraordinary plates and cups more or less sum up the general vibe that seems to permeate much of the art- and design community at the moment: colour is back with a vengeance. And it's combined in ways that strive towards innovative expression rather than tasteful subtlety. Well done, CTRLZAK.

Via Dezeen