Photos from the Opening of Studio A - UPDATE: Now featuring Time-lapse Video



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Tomas Barfod
Rix del Rio
Beastie Respond
Red Stripe
Vitamin Well

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There was much rejoicing at Studiestræde 31 when we opened the world's smallest flagship store AKA Studio A in the front of our office. Click the photo and see the photos.

Opening something new is always slightly nerve-wrecking no matter how many precautions you take and how much you think things are under control. You never know if people actually show up; If the DJs forgot their records; or if, say, a horde of The Warriors-esque teens decide to trash the store with baseball bats.

Granted, the possibilities of the last option actually materializing are somewhat remote, but we can assure you that stranger things have happened in our office.

However, we're happy to report that things went smoothly. Everyone from Tomas Barfod and Klashy over Beastie Respond to Rix del Rio played dope sets, the place was packed and in high spirits and we even sold a few headphones.

Thanks to Red Stripe and Vitamin Well for the provision of sterling beverages - and big up to everyone who came down to get a neat, little Thursday buzz on!