Photos from Mike D’s Mercedes Exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles



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Mercedes’ unveiling of their latest automotive wonder at the MOCA LA featured Mike D from the Beastie Boys and some TMA-1s from AIAIAI. Cars and headphones were the order of the day.

When our buds over at Turntable Lab told us that the one and only Mike D from the Beastie Boys had bought their remaining stock of TMA-1s, we were both seriously chuffed and a bit curious. A few guesses as to how Mike would use our headphones were ventured, but we didn’t think it would have anything to do with cars, let alone a high-profile Mercedes unveiling.

All things being equal, it seems that sports cars and TMA-1s go together rather nicely. Maybe getting a silver Mercedes for the office would be a good look? By the way, if you’re having trouble placing the pretty head with headphones on it, here’s a little help.

Big up Mike D, and let us know if you need any help in your future headphone-related endeavors. We’d be more than happy to help…