Photek DJ Kicks Interview

by Ulrik


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The latest innovator to step up in !K7 Records’ legendary DJ Kicks series is none other than Photek, the guy who made drum and bass smart. Check out the interview after the jump.

Call that drum and bass remark a crass generalization if you must, but it got you reading this far and that’s ‘job done’ in my book. Plus, it’s actually sort of true. Listen to this:

Before Photek started entering his deeper phase, drum & bass was far more loud, aggressive and as the Brits say, 'bloke-y'. ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ took things down a notch to a more reflective and, dare we say it, intelligent level. Needless to say, Squarepusher and the IDM set were also pushing the boundaries of drum & bass around that time, but for our money it was Photek’s monumental cross-over hit that really got things going on a knowledge tip.

Besides being an electronic music legend , Photek is still doing plenty of relevant stuff, the latest DJ Kicks wherein he explores new territory while staying true to his rave roots being one of them. Check out the interview for the deets on how the main man made it happen.