Phonebloks: the Concept that Could Revolutionize the Phone



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Dave Haakens

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We all like our phones. Some of us even like them a little too much. But, as anyone who’s experienced a malfunctioning smartphone can attest to, they come equipped with a significant problem: phones just don’t last that long. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Phonebloks, a simple but brilliant new concept, proposes an alternative: a phone that loses the malfunctioning component and replaces it with a new one.

Conceptualized by Dutch designer Dave Haakens, Phonebloks addresses the problem of poor phone durability by dividing the phone into replaceable segments. The overall issue, you see, is that in most cases one component stops working, which then makes the entire phone shut down or malfunction. But if you just replace the part that’s messed up, you’re good to go.

The concept is so breathtakingly simple that it makes you ask the obvious and very pertinent question: why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before? There must be at least a few technological obstacles and challenges, right? Especially considering the fact that all the tiny, different elements would have to communicate correctly with other at high speed.

Nevertheless, the idea is so enticing (the significant decrease in electronic waste being a particularly persuasive argument) that you can’t help be supportive. And that support is needed as the project’s success depends on you ‘donating your social reach, which will then be sent out as a blast on the 29th of October in the hope that the decision-makers will listen.

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