Peanut Butter Wolf Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room for 12 Hours Straight

by Ulrik


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Guess that title is pretty self-explanatory? Nevertheless we won’t spare you our need to wax lyrical on this particular Boiler Room performance carried out by one Peanut Butter Wolf.

The founder of the one and only Stones Throw Records( which just might be our favorite hip hop label of all time) starts out in the mellower end of things with soul and funk classics, jazz rarities with a few oddities thrown in for good measure. As the marathon set develops, a cast of colourful LA characters come into view and help spur the hip hop lycanthropy.

There’s so much good music in there that we dare not embark on assembling a set list. Also, we just don’t have the time, quite frankly. Did we mention that this set goes on for 12 hours?

Still, you’d be well-advised to keep at it for as long as you’re able seeing as this is the purest quality through and through. So stock up on Red Bulls, put some matches in your eyes in a Mr. Bean stylee and go to work on the Peanut Butter Wolf Boiler Room Set from the 12th of December 2012.