Our New Packaging Got Nominated For The 2012 Creative Circle Award



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Creative Circle
Muggie Ramadani Design Studio

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You best believe it. Fingers crossed for when they announce the winners on the 11th of May!

Our new packaging recently got nominated for a Creative Circle Award, which is Denmark’s biggest, most prestigious award within all the creative industries (Design, Web and Advertising). AIAIAI are nominated in the 2012 Design / Packaging / Non-food category.

The series takes its cue from our previous packaging and company pattern, and we like to think that it's a fresh new take or, perhaps, an aesthetic evolution from our past design heritage - with new twists and details.

It was made in cooperation with the talented folks at Muggie Ramadani Design Studio and we have to admit that we are damn proud of the result and, of course, pleased that others feel the same way.

Anyways, check out these pictures of the packaging and remember to have your fingers crossed for good luck on the night of the award: the 11th of May at Vega.