Ototo: the all-in-one musical invention kit which allows you to make an instrument any way you want



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Yuri Suzuki

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AIAIAI collaborator Yuri Suzuki has, along with his fellow members of new designs formation, Dentaku developed a state-of-the-art small, synthesizer which allows you to build instruments using conductive materials and simple electronic sensors.

And, by connecting conductive materials or objects to the keys on Ototo, you can make them react to touch, turning anything you can imagine into an instrument.

Here’s how it works:

‘All sounds are made up of three parts: loudness, pitch and the texture of the sound. Using Ototo you can control all three of these and create an expressive musical instrument or installation. The keys on the Ototo are arranged like one octave of a musical keyboard. When you connect an object to a key using crocodile clips, you can trigger that note on your object. Ototo will work with any conductive material, so that's metal, organic materials, water and anything else that can hold an electrical current. Each material reacts slightly differently with Ototo, so it's good to try out them all!’

‘Ototo’ means smaller brother in Japanese due to its highly personalizable, very accessible features and interface. A big shout out to our friends at Dentaku. Make sure the OTOTO reaches it pledge... because we can't wait to use it for upcoming projects.

Check out the video above and make a pledge here: