On Space Time Foam


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Tomás Saraceno

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Mama used to tell me to keep both feet on the ground. I normally try to, but Tomas Saraceno’s transparent 'bouncy castle' art installation made me feel like walking on air and I had to let go. I felt like a kid playing in this giant adult playground, which behaves like a suspended trampoline crossed with a see-through bouncy surface.

The 1,200-square-metre construction basically is a plastic balloon filled with hot air, suspended 20 meters above ground. The cool thing about the shape is that it transforms according to the people moving on it, like a living organism, which encourages people to interact and play along.

The installation required months of engineering and static testing before the work could be accomplished. The creation was made in collaboration with a team of engineers and a leading company in the research and production of aerostatic materials and products, called Lindstrand Technologies.

HangarBicocca Gallery in Milan is the place to go if you want to take your mama for a walk across a transparent membrane or watch others crawl above you from the ground below.

The ‘On Space Time Foam’ art installation is open until February 3, 2013, so you better get rid of those high heels and hurry up!

This is not the first work of Saraceno’s, which has the power to amaze. In May 2012 he did “Cloud City” on the roof of the Met Museum in New York. This featured large, interconnected modules constructed with transparent and reflective materials, grouped in a non-linear formation.