Noisy Jelly



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Created by two design students at L'Ensci Les Ateliers, this is a jelly that makes noise when you touch it. Quite brilliant.

Exploring their fascination with food and sound, more specifically the ‘attractive and repellant’ properties of jelly and the vast possibilities in interactive sound design, Marianne Cauvard and Raphaël Pluvinage give you ‘Noisy Jelly’, the multicolored jelly that gives off a weird sound when you touch it.

Interestingly, this whole experimentation with the medium of sound thing seems to be taking off at the moment. The brilliant Yuri Suzuki is, of course, no stranger to this particular area and Bartholomäus Traubeck showed us that so much of what we take for granted about sound can be tipped on its head and given new contexts to startling effects.

Keep it coming, brilliant people.