Nicolas Jaar +1 @ MoMa PS1

by Ulrik


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Nicolas Jaar

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The man of the moment puts together a riveting show at one of New York’s most forward thinking spaces. Pitchfork were on location to capture the unique multimedia performance.

Nicolas Jaar’s singular musical vision has won the American-Chilean an increasingly widening fan base over the past two years.

His heady sonic balancing of boundary-pushing experimentation and good, old compentent composition of euphoria-inducing jams has, during the course of this remarkably short time span, taken the 22-year-old, New York-based artist from the relative obscurity of avant-garde, electronic music blogs to being the feted darling of indie giants like Pitchforkmedia.

The latest attention-grabbing achievement is this 5 hour multimedia performance at the PS1, an event, which we can actually confirm was quite brilliant because we were right there in the crowd. And we just might have something in the works with Nicolas, so watch this space.

Now go check out the video and watch out for those 'alternative' dance moves at the end...