New Video for Tomas Barfod’s ‘Broken Glass’



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Tomas Barfod
Friends of Friends

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An edgy girl and a beautifully twisted track: Tomas Barfod, our old buddy and product developer has got it all figured out in the promo for his latest single.

Music, like most other art forms, sometimes needs a bit of context to get under your skin. In Napster’s filesharing heyday it was remarkable how everything from Can to Captain Beefheart could sound so similar because you rarely had visuals you could ‘anchor’ the sounds in. The context was missing.

And there’s no doubt that Martin Garde Abildgaard’s video for Tomas’ first single from the forthcoming Salton Sea album (Friends of Friends) gives you a suitably edgy, visual context that brings out the track’s sinister art pop qualities in their full, lush glory. It was just what we needed.

So thanks for that, Tomas.